NAGRA-D Digital 4 Channel 1/4″ Recorder


This precision made recorder from Nagra in Switzerland was the best quality portable digital tape recorder ever produced.

One five inch reel of 1/4″ tape will record 1 hour of 4 track information or 2 hours when recording 2 tracks. The machine also records an analogue cue track as well as an SMPTE time-code track with frame rates of 24/25/29.97df/29.97ndf/30df/30ndf.

Sampling frequencies are 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, and 96kHz.

This is for serious buyers only.

A single wire or double wire AES format can also be sent to or received from the digital in/out connectors, independent of each other.

Connecting the Nagra-D to a PC (or Mac using PC emulation) by way of its serial port and running the NADCOM programme, allows the user instant, permanent and unique access to the heart of the recorder.

The recorder comes in a Pelican case, with a manual, an AC power supply/charger, a canvas case, a carry handle, and a roll of 1/4″ digital tape.


service manual (chapter 1)    – Hakuga Okada

service manual (chapter 2)    – Hakuga Okada

service manual (chapter 3)    – Hakuga Okada

service manual (chapter 4)    – Hakuga Okada

service manual (chapter 6)    – Hakuga Okada

service manual (chapter 7)    – Hakuga Okada


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