Vintage 1989 Paramount Official Franklin Mint 25th Anniversary STAR TREK 3D Chess Set

Chess board made of aluminum and glass depicting a dimensional star map. Each piece accented with gold or silver on solid pewter on a lead crystal base. Storage for all pieces under board. Comes with original magazine ad, Franklin mint letter, and information booklets on the chess pieces.


Paramount Pictures

The Official Star Trek Chess Set

Franklin Mint

25th Anniversary

Authentic portrait sculptures are crafted of 24-karat gold electroplate and sterling silver electroplate on solid sculptured pewter

and set on a lead crystal base. The playing board is crafted of aluminum and glass, depicting a dimensional star map.

The 25th Anniversary medallion which appears on each of the chessboard’s four panels is also sterling silver.

Magazine advertisement – this set of 32 pieces

“two new playing pieces every other month and will be billed for just one piece at a time- $29.50* per month”

*Plus my state sales tax and $1.95 per piece for shipping and handling.”

This was quite an expensive set to purchase approx +/- $1,000


Author: fish