Vintage Belmont 16mm Film Projector

Vintage KEYSTONE Belmont K16116MM Film ProjectorThe manufacturing date of this projector is early 50’s, It features a film splicer, operator light, still picture mode, take up real,room lamp plug, 7 amp motor, and Keystone Magna-Scope f/1.6 16mm lens.and the original jar of Keystone Film Glue.Comes in a handy carrying case.

History of Keystone : Keystone Mfg. Co., Boston, USA (‘since 1919′) began to sell their equipment through Paramount Mfg. Co, Warren Mfg. Co. and Sears Roebuck. Keystone’ was bought out in 1965 by Berkey. Subsequently in 1991 Keystone stock and brand names were bought by Concord Camera Corp. Avenel, NY, USA.


Author: fish