Rollei P8400S SOUND Super 8 Projector Film Movie

It is a sound projector which means it was designed to read a magnetic stripe on a super eight movie.

Rollei P8400 S Magnetic Super Sound System Projector

Suited for Super8/Single8

Year: 1977-1979

Lens: ISCO Vario-Kiptagon 1,3/16,5-30mm

Lamp: 12V/100W

Max. reel capacity: 180m

Sound: magnetic, mono (record and playback)

Weight: approx. 8.6kg

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Rollei Super Sound P8400S Magnetic, 8mm projector Projektor promítačka проектор projecteur

Rollei, P8400S Magnetic

Rollei P 8400 S Magnetic – “super sound system”

marketed in 1977-78
super 8 mm film
lens: Isco-Göttingen Vario-Kiptagon f:1.3 F: 15-30 mm
lamp: 100 W, 12 V, EFP
reel capacity: 180 m
projection: forward and reverse
projection speed: 18, 24 fps
film loading: automatic threading
sound: magnetic playback on main sound track
sound mode: mono
amplifier: 2 IC, 4 transistors, 7 diodes
amplifier output: 6 W (8 Ohm)
frequency response: ?
playback controls: volume, tone
recording: magnetic recording on main track, sound-on-sound
recording level control: automatic level control (ALC)
input terminal: Microphone (300 Ohm), Line-in
input jacks: Mic: 3.5 mm diameter jack; Line: 5-pin DIN (European type)
output terminal: Monitor (8 Ohm), Line-out, External Speaker
output jacks: Mon: 3.5 mm dimeter jack; Line: 5-pin DIN (European type); Ext Sp: 2-pin DIN
built-in speaker: 10 cm diameter roun speaker, 3 W (16 Ohm)
built-in film cutter: yes
power source: AC, 50/60 Hz
weight: 8,800 g
dimensions: 180 x 260 x 320 mm
made in Japan by Copal

This is a similar projector (technically) as the Dynalux 8 sound


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